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Vision Search Partners provides three levels of specialized recruitment, contract staffing and consulting services.

As a member of the MRI Network, we use a proprietary Accelerated Recruitment Approach that combines streamlined methodology with the unique knowledge of our industry experts and the latest technology in the business.

Contingency Recruitment

Our contingency search service provides companies with a no risk and no upfront cost option.  Your company pays an agreed upon fee, typically based on a percentage of a positions annual base compensation only after we deliver and you hire a candidate that meets your requirements.  Our team works, amongst other projects, to find the most talented professional that fits the cultural, technical and personality requirements you defined upfront.

Engaged / Priority Recruitment

This is the second highest priorty search option and it takes precedence over all contingency searches. Your company pays an agreed upon fee, typically based on a percentage of a positions annual base compensation. You pay 1/3 upfront to initiate the process and the remaining 2/3's on the candidate's start date.

Retained Recruitment

This is the highest level search. If your need is more immediate, highly confindential or in very high demand we will dedicate a team of professionals to focus exclusively on your specific project and stay on it until complete.  With this option, 1/3 of the fee is paid upfront, 1/3 is paid at submission of an agreed upon number of qualified candidates and the final 1/3 is paid on the candidate start date. 

Contract Staffing

Vision Search can provide temporary, temp-to-perm and Contractor professionals in two ways.  First, we can find the talent and you can hire them for an agreed upon upfront fee or secondly, we can hire them - assigning them to your work location and taking care of the on-boarding, payroll, beneifts and all back office administration. With this option we bill your company an agreed upon hourly rate.  

Consulting and Project Based Services

Vision Search Partners provides direct consulting and advisory services in the areas of expertise we specialize in.  Professionals are contracted for project work and assigned exclusively to client engagements at an agreed upon hourly rate.

Relocation Assistance 

Hiring talent is only one part of the recruitment process. Making the relocation process move smoothly reaffirms the quality of your company and paves the way for a strong partnership with your new hire. Through MRINetwork we provide comprehensive logistics and coordination assistance that can make the relocation of your new hire easy and efficient.

Employee Retention

Our commitment does not end when someone is hired. We stand behind our clients with a commitment to help retain key employees along with the talent hired through our partnership.  After all, who better to help you understand how to keep people than a recruiter who knows all the reasons why people leave? 

Vision Search Partners is your Recruitment Services Solution. contact us.

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