Recruiting Process

Finding the right person is hard work. Trust the professionals at Vision Search Partners to take the time to do it the right way with a process that's yielded thousands of success stories.

Before you choose a recruiting firm you should be comfortable with its search and selection process. We utilize a comprehensive process to conduct each search that includes eight primary steps.

Project Kick-Off 

We listen carefully to understand your vision, the company culture, desired candidate attributes, and strategic objectives.  We encourage a candid review of the current situation with the position and if applicable past recruiting history.  This event is a face-to-face meeting or conference call and typically takes place with the Hiring Manager and internal HR/Talent Acquisition Leader.  We agree on the job specifications, mutual responsibilites and expectations. 

Sourcing and Candidate Development

From the information gathered in step one we create a detailed search profile, position description, recruitment plan and timeline.  Then we utlilize our research library, internal and external data bases, professional associations, universities, Internet research, referrals, and networks in virtually every industry to identify, confidentially contact, and profile potential candidates against the position specfications.  Our targeting of candidates is concentrated on the most successful companies and high-performing professionals.

Candidate Presentation

Within an agreed upon time frame we will formally present a short list of fully qualified candidates that have expressed interest in confidentially pursuing the position.  Often times we submit one candidate to start with in order to confirm and potentially refine our mutual understanding of your requirements. Each client is different so presentation components are customized on a case by base basis.   

Client / Candidate Interviews

We help schedule interviews and make arrangements to the extent you require.  Candidates are interviewed according to your protocol, which may include a mix of phone and in-person interviews.

Client / Candidate Debriefs

We collect input from the candidate, paying special attention to their level of interest, questions and potential concerns.  Then a debrief call is scheduled with the Hiring Manager and HR/Talent Acquisition Leader to discuss the outcome, agree on next steps, the communication plan back to the candidate, and any changes to the overall plan.

Pre-Offer Due Diligence

We take care of reference checks, educational confirmation, and other background work as required. We also discuss the framework for an offer to ensure both sides are on the same page before things are formalized.

Offer of Employment

We provide consultation to you and the candidate to ensure a win-win agreement can be reached on compensation, benefits, start date, and other key points.  Often times candidates have questions about benefits, relocation, career progression, training, community information, etc that we can help with. 

Transition Assistance

We prepare the candidate for resignation and review potential counter-offer scenarios.  We maintain close contact with them up to their start date and well beyond to ensure they remain a happy and high performing member of your team.
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